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Word(s) of the Day: Cantakerous and Fribble

Posted by ccasc on February 20, 2009

Well, aren’t you in luck? Today, you get TWO Words of the Day. How fantastic!

Hopefully, this will make up for the horrible depression you must have suffered yesterday without any Word of the Day at all. 😦

Yesterday’s word was cantakerous.
Cantakerous adjective. grouchy; easily angered and difficult to get along with.

“Your ASC tutors will never be cantankerous; they are always pleasant and cooperative!”
~ Nicole Hill and Lauren Bach

And … today’s word is fribble.

Fribble noun. an idle or frivolous person; verb. to waste or fritter something away.

“Students who do not take advantage of the Academic Skills Center are fribbling a wonderful opportunity!”
~ Lauren Bach


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